Any naturally grown product is at risk for contamination by mycotoxins and harmful organisms.

Microbiology testing includes analysis of bacteria, yeast, molds and their harmful mycotoxins.

Cannabis presents a unique challenge to scientists and regulators when it comes to microbial testing. Cannabis can be inhaled through dried plant material, from processed oils such as vapes, absorbed through ingestion of plant material

or processed extractables, and absorbed through tinctures and creams. Each of the routes of entry present an inherent risk of exposure to microbial contamination and toxins associated with those microbes.

Many of the extraction procedures used to concentrate the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, reduce the risk of microbial contamination, but may not remove the toxins produced by those same microbes.

Nova's Approach

Nova Analytics takes the safety of the Cannabis community very seriously.

For this reason, we have designed a microbial screening process that doesn’t merely indicate possible contamination—as many existing tests do—but which can identify the specific strain of microbe living on the plant so that steps can be taken to mitigate its damage.

The industry standard turn-around time for a test that accurately identifies microbial strain is about a week.

Nova’s innovative microbiology test can return accurate and specific results within 3 days. This level of accuracy and efficiency is paramount to the safety of Cannabis consumers and the success of our customers.