Just like yours, our business is carefully cultivated to meet the needs of our customers. Our business is built to serve you and address concerns in the lab testing industry.

NovaNOW is our commitment to provide you with the most advanced, affordable and turn-key testing

At Nova we strive to offer you innovative solutions to all your needs. We offer customization, diversification, data management solutions, client web portal, REAL time results reporting, courier services for collection/delivery of samples and much more.

We offer testing protocol planning to clients during their development phase to ensure the most efficient testing process once they are testing with Nova. Additionally, education is a key component of our partnership with you. We will work together and ensure you have implemented the best practices to protect your business, as it relates to testing.

The commitment we make to our clients under this philosophy is to always be on the forefront of technology, process and regulation – bringing you Tomorrow’s Testing, Today.

See an example of our Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and the services we offer.

Quality and Advanced Tech

We utilize next generation testing platforms to offer a complete testing menu and quality results at affordable prices. Our background under FDA, GLP, GMP, cGMP, CLIA, CAP and other regulatory bodies has us well prepared to set industry standards. We stand behind our CoA so, you can too!

Accurate Rapid Results

We understand that delays in lab testing results impact your seed-to-sale profit. Thanks to our use of advanced technologies and testing methods results are reported in real time and final reported in 48-hours.

User Friendly Platforms

Electronic orders. Personalized reports. e-Delivery of results and COAs. Sample Status Tracking with test-by-test granularity. Files, documents, images, etc. may also be easily and quickly uploaded and linked to your order.

Quality in Testing & Research

We offer 50% more testing than many industry competitors but, we are scientists at heart and our R&D team will answer the unanswered questions. Partner with us to make discoveries and cutting-edge innovations for the cannabis industry and beyond.