THC is the primary psychoactive component found in the Cannabis plant. It is found in resin secreted by glands on the plant. These secretion glands appear in higher numbers near the reproductive organs of the plant (livescience), which is why the flowers tend to have higher concentrations of THC than other components. Every plant and strain is different, and the levels of THC from one plant to another can vary significantly, ranging from a fraction of a percent to as high as almost 30%. Knowing the exact concentration of THC will ensure that the consumer uses the flower in a safe manner and producers of MJ[Zach Dayh1] products use the correct amount of flower to produce a consistent and safe product.


THCA is a non-psychoactive Cannabinoid found in high concentrations in the plant. As the plant material is exposed to heat, THCA is slowly converted to its more psychoactive form, THC. Therefore, even though THCA is non-psychoactive, the consumer still experiences psychoactive effects when smoking the plant material. As with THC, concentrations of THCA can vary greatly depending on the plant strain. The medical efficacy of THCA is still being determined by researchers, but it is believed to show potential benefits in treating Arthritis, Neuro-degenerative diseases, and pain, among many other ailments (leafly). Knowing the exact level of THCA is extremely important to ensure that the consumer uses the proper amount to achieve the desired result.


CBD is a major non-psychoactive Cannabinoid found in marijuana plants. Unlike THCA, it is not converted to THC when heated or dried and does not cause any significant “high” effect. In fact, it counteracts many of the psychoactive properties of THC. The levels of CBD also tend to vary greatly between various plant strains. CBD is very popular for consumers that are interested in the health benefits of Cannabis, but do not want any of the psychoactive effects. CBD is often used for the treatment of inflammation and pain and can is popularly available in creams and tinctures (projectcbd).


CBDA is a non-psychoactive Cannabinoid found in the unheated plant. This compound has found its way into medical applications as a potent anti-inflammatory treatment, often replacing more popular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). It is often preferred over NSAID drugs because it far fewer harmful side effects. CBDA has also shown great promise in treating breast cancer and brain disease.

January 9, 2020