Quality, on time

Our mission is to provide rapid, highest quality results to our customers and the community by combining advanced technologies with our expertly developed scientific methods

Our Vision

We are your partners for exceptional quality, customer service and rapid turn-around time.

Provide, on request, safety testing in excess of all mandated compliance for THC/CBD Products

Lead research and innovation in the field of cannabis science and improve the accuracy of the lab testing

Facilitate client's product development with customized R&D/in-process test platforms

Be an educational resource, as it relates to cannabis science, to our customers and community

Work with clients to diagnose and investigate possible contamination sources

Provide a seamless value-add service that our customers look forward to receiving

What Makes Us Different

“We listen to your needs and deliver them in an innovative package, on time.”

The founders of Nova Analytic Labs recognized the need for laboratory industry professionals in the rapidly growing cannabis testing market. Our innovative technologies and methodologies deliver unmatched accuracy in an industry currently plagued with variable test results and extremely long turn-around times. We pride ourselves as being a customer centric organization delivering vital information to ensure public safety and maintain the Cannabis Industry’s reputation.

Accurate lab results provide customers with the ability to ensure their products are safe and characterize their potential effect. Receiving these results quickly shortens the time from cultivation to manufacturing and to sale.

Our Team’s exceptional experience stems from time spent developing and operating clinical toxicology, forensic and pharmaceutical focused laboratories under the strict regulatory oversight of CLIA, GLP, GMP, CAP, FDA, DEA and others.

Meet the Team