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Nova can help determine if the facility is contaminant free from the air, water, soil, and equipment/supplies used in the process.


Just like yours, our business is carefully cultivated to meet the needs of our customers. Our business is built to serve you and address concerns in the lab testing industry.


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Our Services

Cannabis & Hemp Potency Testing

Accurately and rapidly determine the potency of major cannabinoids in flower and all types of manufactured products

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiling

Now offering 19 component cannabinoid profile. Terpene profile coming soon!

Foreign Material

This test ensures that products will be free from foreign materials.

Microbiology Testing

Our advanced microbiological testing also identifies the specific species of microbe living so correct steps can be taken to ...

Water Activity & Moisture

These uniquely distinct water tests provide valuable information to help establish the product's stability and safety.

Heavy Metal Testing

This test will ensure heavy metals are below safety action limits in your products

Pesticide Testing

Advanced testing methodologies are used to determine if flower and products are free from these harmful chemicals

Residual Solvent Analysis

Our panel of tests detects 21 Class I and Class II solvents.

R&D/In-Process Testing

Leverage any of our testing methodologies to verify batches in-process to ensure your end product meets your desired composition.

Consulting Services

We work with cultivators and processors to make sure their quality programs are compliant and processes are optimized.

Facility Testing

These tests can help determine if the air, water, soil, and equipment or supplies used facility are contaminant free.

News & Education

Maine’s OMP to Require Heavy Metals June 1st, 2021

Maine’s OMP to Require Heavy Metals June 1st, 2021

Are you ready? The OMP will require all Adult Use samples to test for Heavy Metals beginning on June ...

Nova receives Portland’s first adult-use cannabis testing license

Nova receives Portland’s first adult-use cannabis testing license

Nova receives its Adult Uset testing license on Jan 22, 2021!

Explore the Common Cannabinoids

Explore the Common Cannabinoids

THC is the primary psychoactive component found in the Cannabis plant. It is found in resin secreted by glands ...